About Almicare

Ayurveda is one of the greatest healthy-lifestyle that Indians have used for more than 5,000+ years. Ayurveda maintains a healthy body, prevention, and treatment of illness through herbal lifestyle practices.

Almicare is a one-stop Ayurvedic store that offers examined, proven, and approved Ayurvedic cosmetic products, offering quality Ayurveda care accessible from all corners of the country. With over 200+ products from the Almicare brand, it brings ancient culture to assist the modern generation.

Since 2019, when the roots of Ayurcentral first sprouted in India, it has helped many people to discover good health and walk on the way to wellness.

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I want to share my experience with Almicare. Earlier I never heard of this website for Ayurvedic Products. I found the website after googling it. It was tough to believe since it’s a new website. I had tried to place a small order. I appreciate, they work harder and make sure It’s delivered.


Wonderful services, highly recommended. I had ordered certain Ayurvedic Products through the online portal, and I got the consignment within 3days. Welldone Almicare

Payal Soni

Excellent job and delivery within 5days during Covid 19 pandemic, A wide range of Ayurvedic products available on their websites, if there is no product available on site they will arrange it for you. Will be happy to continue doing business and ordering from Almicare.

Karthik Nayak

A good website has a wide range of ayurvedic products and excellent customer service. Happy to find one such huge online shopping site for buying ayurvedic products.

Rubi Singh

Wonderful online shopping portal for Ayurvedic cosmetics.Thanks to the Almicare team for delivering on time. Highly recommend!